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  1. Are you recruiting? I want to sell Christmas trees for your company. I promise I am reliable and cheerful.

  2. Can I buy a tree with roots?

  3. Can I choose my own tree?

  4. Can I replant a tree with roots?

  5. Can I speak to the business owner? It's about a wonderful marketing / advertising opportunity.

  6. Do I need a stand?

  7. Do Pines and Needles wholesale?

  8. Do you deliver outside of London?

  9. Do you have the tree I want in stock?

  10. Do you install trees outside of London?

  11. How many lights should I buy for my tree?

  12. How wide will the girth of my tree be at the widest point?

  13. I am not satisfied with the appearance of my tree, can I get another one?

  14. I didn't receive all the products I ordered, what can I do?

  15. I have a coupon code. How do I use it?

  16. I only want to hire the lights, stand and decorations. Can you give me a discount if I don't keep the kit?

  17. I want my tree in November. Will it last until Christmas?

  18. I want my tree to last till the 6th of January. When should I have it delivered?

  19. I want ten trees decorated. Can you give me a discount?

  20. I want to buy a 25ft tree but your site doesn't seem to sell them.

  21. My Tree Is Late, what now?

  22. Should I water my tree?

  23. So you wanna say thanks?

  24. We are a registered charity / school and we would like a free tree (often in exchange for a plaque advertising PAN).

  25. We want to buy a 12ft+ tree from one of your stores . Is this possible?

  26. We're filming a documentary about Christmas trees. Can we shoot in your warehouse / plantation?

  27. What size stand should I get with my tree?

  28. What size trees do you sell?

  29. When should I buy my tree?

  30. Where do your trees come from?

  31. Where should I keep my tree?

  32. Will you decorate using my decorations?

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