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Welcome to the Pines and Needles customer experience center, where we welcome and encourage our customers to engage with us and discuss the things that matter to them. Get help with your order, share your ideas to improve our service, give us your feedback, or just have a chat with the guys in the office who make everything possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. About us 

    1. So you wanna say thanks?
  2. Christmas Tree Care 

    1. When should I buy my tree?
    2. Should I water my tree?
    3. I want my tree in November. Will it last until Christmas?
    4. Where should I keep my tree?
  3. Coupons 

    1. I have a coupon code. How do I use it?
  4. Delivery Services 

    1. Do you deliver outside of London?
    2. Do you install trees outside of London?
    3. Will you decorate using my decorations?
    4. I only want to hire the lights, stand and decorations. Can you give me a discount if I don't keep the kit?
    5. I want ten trees decorated. Can you give me a discount?
  5. Marketing & Recruitment 

    1. Can I speak to the business owner? It's about a wonderful marketing / advertising opportunity.
    2. We are a registered charity / school and we would like a free tree (often in exchange for a plaque advertising PAN).
    3. We're filming a documentary about Christmas trees. Can we shoot in your warehouse / plantation?
    4. Are you recruiting? I want to sell Christmas trees for your company. I promise I am reliable and cheerful.
  6. Prices 

    1. Do Pines and Needles wholesale?
  7. Problem Resolution  

    1. My Tree Is Late, what now?
    2. I am not satisfied with the appearance of my tree, can I get another one?
    3. I didn't receive all the products I ordered, what can I do?
  8. Products 

    1. Where do your trees come from?
    2. What size trees do you sell?
    3. Can I buy a tree with roots?
    4. Can I replant a tree with roots?
    5. Do I need a stand?
  9. Stores 

    1. We want to buy a 12ft+ tree from one of your stores . Is this possible?
    2. Do you have the tree I want in stock?
  10. Website Issues 

    1. I want to buy a 25ft tree but your site doesn't seem to sell them.
  11. All articles 

    1. So you wanna say thanks?
    2. When should I buy my tree?
    3. Where do your trees come from?
    4. Do Pines and Needles wholesale?
    5. I want my tree to last till the 6th of January. When should I have it delivered?
    32 articles 

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